The 10 best food dishes in Brazil

Brazil is a country of many cultures, and its food reflects that. From the African-influenced dishes of the north to the European-style cuisine of the south, there is something for everyone in Brazil.

In this blog post, we will explore the 10 best food dishes in Brazil. From the national dish of feijoada to acaraje from the state of Bahia, these are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Pão de Queijo

Pão de queijo, or Brazilian cheese bread, is a delicious and popular snack in Brazil. It’s made with tapioca flour, which gives the bread a chewy texture, and it’s usually filled with cheese. 

Pão de queijo is traditionally eaten for breakfast or as a snack, but it can also be served as an appetizer or side dish. If you’re looking for a quick and easy snack while you’re in Brazil, pão de queijo is a great option!


A delicious, hearty dish, feijoada is a stew made with black beans, pork and beef. The meats are slow-cooked until they are meltingly tender, and the beans are simmered in the rich, flavorful broth. Served with white rice, collard greens and orange slices, feijoada is a meal that will stick to your ribs – and have you coming back for more.


Brigadeiros are a Brazilian dessert that is made with chocolate and condensed milk. They are popular at birthday parties and celebrations. Brigadeiros are balls of chocolate that are rolled in sprinkles or cocoa powder. 

Brigadeiros are simple to make, but they are also very rich and decadent. The key to making perfect brigadeiros is to cook the chocolate and condensed milk mixture until it is thick and gooey. Once it reaches this consistency, it is then rolled into balls and coated in your choice of topping. If you want to try something truly unique, then you must try brigadeiros!


Coxinha is a fried pastry that resembles a chicken drumstick. It is made with dough that is filled with shredded chicken, spices, and cream cheese. The dough is then breaded and deep-fried. Coxinha is a popular snack food in Brazil and can be found at most street vendors.

Bolinho de bacalhau

Bolinho de bacalhau is a traditional Brazilian dish made with shredded codfish, potato, and onion. It is typically fried and served with a dipping sauce. 

This dish is popular in Brazil because it is hearty and filling. The codfish provides a protein-rich base, while the potato and onion add bulk and flavor. Bolinho de bacalhau can be eaten as a main course or as a snack. 

If you’re looking for a delicious and authentic Brazilian dish, look no further than bolinho de bacalhau!


A moqueca is a traditional Brazilian seafood stew that is packed full of flavor. The dish typically features fresh fish, shrimp, and other seafood cooked in a palm oil and tomato broth. It is often served with rice or beans and is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.


Acarajé is a popular dish from the northeastern state of Bahia in Brazil. It is made from a type of bean called feijoada, which is mashed and then formed into a ball. The ball is then deep-fried and served with a spicy pepper sauce, vinaigrette, and cashew nuts.

Acarajé has its origins in the African country of Angola, where it is known as Acará. It was brought to Brazil by slaves who were taken from Angola to work on plantations in the northeast of the country. Today, it is one of the most popular dishes in Bahia and can be found being sold by street vendors all over the city.

Açaí na tigela

Açaí na tigela is a Brazilian dish that consists of a thick, creamy açaí smoothie served in a bowl and topped with various fruits, nuts, and granola. It is a popular breakfast or snack option in Brazil and is becoming increasingly popular in the United States as well. 

Açaí berries are native to the Amazon rainforest and have long been prized for their nutritional value and antioxidants. They are often called “superberries” due to their high levels of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Açaí berries are also thought to have anti-aging properties.


Picanha is a Brazilian dish that consists of a thick cut of beef that is skewered and grilled. The meat is usually seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic, and it is often served with rice, beans, and a side of vegetables. Picanha is a popular dish in Brazil, and it is one of the most common items on menus at Brazilian restaurants.


If you want to try a truly Brazilian dessert, then you need to try quindim. This dish is made with egg yolks, sugar, and coconut, and it is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Quindim is typically served in small cups or ramekins, so it is the perfect size for sharing with friends or family.

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